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Dont ever call this place!!!!!Run, Run, Run!!!!!!!!

There has to be a better place out there. I called this place to install a new lock on my door. There was not a hole in the door so a new hole had to be cut. I already had a lock that could be use.

So it shouldve simply been the locksmith take my lock measure it and put a hole in the door and install it appropriately. Wrong!!!! They sent the biggest *** to do the job. He took a glance at the lock that I had and just started drilling a hole.

I asked is that the right circle to cut the drill. He said yes. He then proceeded to drill the hole. He cut the the whole to far away from the edge.

So now the lock that I have doesnt fit. I call him out on his mistake and he accuses me of not wanted to pay the $125 installation fee. Wrong. Ill gladly pay.

What I want pay is for your mistake a making the hole in the wrong area and insisting that I pay another $50 for a lock that will fit. Calling someone else. I wish I would have know that I was dealing with an unprofessional company to begin with. Take my advice.


Left with sawdust, a whole in the doors, no security and a heap of mess.had to vacuum the sawdust up...

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